This Female Greenland Shark is the Oldest Living Vertebrate

Greenland shark 

A female Greenland shark has been verified as the longest-living vertebrate on Earth.

Scientists used the radiocarbon dating of eye lens nuclei to learn the ages of 28 of the animals. The researchers concluded that one female was about 392 years old plus or minus 120 years. Even at the lowest end of the field, it would be older than the previous vertebrate record-holder, a bowhead whale thought to be 211 years old.

The team discovered that the Greenland sharks can grow at just 1cm a year and don’t reach sexual maturity till the age of 150! The study is published in the journal Science and the main author is Julius Nielsen, a marine biologist from the University of Copenhagen.

if you want to more about Greenland sharks and how the researchers were capable to date them, Also head on to this post from Science Mag, and this article on the BBC.


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