This Is How Airlines Decide Where To Fly

American Airlines

Airlines is the main mode of transportation, right? However, have you ever questioned how do airlines decide where to fly and how often? These questions seem quite simple, right? But believe it or not, this seemingly simple question can actually make or break an airline. Wendover Production, a YouTube channel, has shared with its followers a breakup of how airlines decide where to fly.

First off, you must understand that deciding where to fly is not something straightforward. Rather, it is an elusive and complicated art that involves data collection, finding patterns, and whatnot. Wendover Productions will explain in today’s featured video how airlines go about this matter.

It is crucial for airlines to determine how and where to fly. The two questions that they have to answer for doing so are how many want to go to the destination and how much are they willing to pay for it.

However, answering these questions is not easy. For the first question, airlines obtain some of the data from other flights. For locations that are new, they usually reach out to travel booking sites. These travel booking sites sell their data to market research companies and airlines. When it comes to data and then finding patterns; things tend to get a bit complicated. Check out the video above.


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