This Is The Best Country To Live In The World Right Now

A survey conducted by the US News & World Report along with Y&R’s BAV Consulting and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has shown the most reliable comfortable places in the world.

The US News & World Report announces the best country rankings every year, and this year the top of the list is Switzerland


Germany, who was at the top in the last year’s ranking was placed fourth this time. The rankings were based on a survey of 21,000 people from 36 countries around the world. The factors which were considered include, the quality of life and economy. At the second position came Canada, while the third was the United Kingdom.

Japan moved a few steps higher and made it to the top five, Germany was not the only country that downgraded from its last year’s position; even the USA dropped from the fourth to the seventh. The degradation of Germany’s position was caused by the recent immigrant influx and a series of terror attacks in the year 2016.

The report did not include only the rating for the best country to live in overall, but it also created the ratings for the World’s Most Powerful Nation, Best Country for Women, Best Country for Children, and even the Best Country for Retirees. The USA made it to the top of the Powerful rankings even though 75% of the people said that the election of Donald Trump as their President, has made them lose respect.

Sweden appeared as the best one for women, Scandinavia for children while New Zealand topped the list for retired people.

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