This Is What The ‘i’ In iPhone Means


You have been seeing it for many years now. The iMac, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iPad — the omnipresent “i” prefix has marked most Apple products since the release of the iMac in 1998. But what that really means?

The Internet has been abuzz lately with memorizing exactly what Apple’s “i” stands for. At an Apple event in 1998, Steve Jobs introduced the iMac, explaining the link between “i” and “Mac.”

“iMac comes from the marriage of the excitement of the Internet with the simplicity of Macintosh,” he said. “We are targeting this for the no. 1 use that consumers tell us they want a computer for, which is to get on the Internet simply and fast.”

In 1998, the “i” in iMac stood for the Internet. Steve Jobs supported these statements with a slide that expanded upon what else the “i” means to Apple:

Besides the Internet, Apple’s prefix also stood for an individual, instruct, inform and inspire.

When the iPhone was announced in 2007, one of its three key ingredients was Internet communication, bringing the “i” back to its original intended meaning of Internet.

After that rest is history, almost every device has had some form of Internet connectivity built in, and the “i” has lost its corporation with that specific meaning and has come to symbolize the Apple brand.

But as Apple proceeds to expand into other markets, including smartwatches and TV boxes, its legendary prefix seems to be slipping to the wayside. Instead of iWatch and iTV, What we get? Apple Watch and Apple TV.


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