This Is What You Should Do If Your Plane is Crashing

Plane Crashing

I don’t know how much of this article will be useful at the time, but I think we should be prepared for everything because extraordinary things do happen to normal people.

According to The Economist, the probability of your plane crashing is one in 5.4 million! But what if, ‘you’ are the unfortunate one?

What should you do if you do find yourself on a crashing plane?

Here’s the answer is given by a Quora user Dave Inch:

  • Throw away anything sharp from your pockets. Loosen your seat belt along with your tie or scarf. Let go of high heeled shoes as well. Take down your glasses before the crash, so that you can locate them after the impact and see your way out.
  • Locate your closest exit and the backup exit if it gets blocked by, say a crash in water. Count the number of rows to the exit and also locate any protrusions you might need in case of a smoke-filled cabin.
  • Do not panic and refrain from being impatient. Stay in your seat and don’t try to open a door or window exit until and unless instructed from a flight attendant.
  • Have a piece of damp cloth and put it on your nose and mouth. Stay as low as possible in case of a smoke evacuation.
  • Follow the instructions of the flight attendants, as if everyone stays organized in the evacuation, it will increase the survival probability for everyone. Stay attentive and alert, don’t waste time in fruitless activities like making a video with your camera. You’ll have your chance of becoming a star blogger only IF you survive!
  • DO NOT inflate your life vest until you are actually at the doorway. Because, in the case of the plane crashing into the sea, your life jacket will make you float inside the aircraft’s tube and against the ceiling. If you don’t have a lifevest, cling on to someone else’s. It can easily float two people.
  • After exiting the aircraft, run well away from the windows and doors and against the flow of the wind so that the smoke and fire does not reach you. Do not lie down in the tall grass as you might pass out and be impossible to find for the rescue party.

I hope this will never happen and you don’t have to recall any of this in your life.


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