Tips For Traveling Solo

Are you about to take a trip but you don’t really find anyone to go with you? We all know that finding a good travel partner can become a very hard task. If you don’t find the right person, the whole trip can be a disaster which leads us to the thought of traveling alone. But being all alone in a trip isn’t going to affect you? To answer all these questions, we made a list with advantages and disadvantages of solo traveling so you can decide for yourself.

Advantages of traveling alone


You can make your own schedule and itinerary

There are certain things that won’t really go well with your travel partner. Like renting a bike to visit a city instead of taking the city tour or extend your stay for another day in one city instead of taking the last train to the next destination. The beauty of traveling alone is that all those decisions are up to you and there’s nobody that can argue with those decisions.

You have the chance to discover yourself

Since you’re all alone on your trip, there’s nobody else to rely on when it comes to navigation and finding cool stuff to do. And nothing prepares you better than navigating through very busy cities in different languages. Once you can do that, traveling alone will become more and more appealing.


You’ll challenge yourself into trying new stuff

With nobody to talk you out of stuff, traveling alone can result in some pretty crazy activities.  And with this mindset, you can try new foods, meet new people and even do something extreme like bungee jump or paragliding.

You only have to worry about you

Another advantage of traveling alone is the fact that you don’t need to worry about a partner that might not be so willing doing the things that you want to do or feels homesick and wants to go back to the hotel to contact the ones at home. You make the rules and there’s nobody that can ruin your mood.


You’ll learn to be more open

Traveling without a partner opens up a lot of opportunities for communication with other people. Either if it’s to get directions when you’re lost or simply curious about how a local sees things, not having a partner to rely on for conversation and orientation, makes you push your limits and talk with more people.

Disadvantages of traveling alone

It’s all not milk and honey, you know. Like any other activity, traveling alone has its downsides as well and you must be prepared to face them before taking this big decision.

Nobody to share the experience with

Indeed, making your own decisions is awesome but whenever you’re doing something really awesome, there’s nobody that can really share and understand the experience you’re living.

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It might be hard meeting new people

Traveling alone is not such a common thing so most of the other travelers will be in pairs or groups, thus making it difficult to approach them, especially when you’re a bit of an introvert.

Loneliness is a factor as well

Even though it was your decision to go and enjoy this vacation on your own, that doesn’t mean you won’t feel alone every now and then.

Now that we’ve been through the pros and cons of solo traveling it’s time to focus on some tips that will make traveling alone a lot better. And here they are:

Plan the trip that will make you happy

It’s quite simple, f you like to interact with a lot of people and live a lot of different experiences then go to a place where it’s easy to communicate with locals, knowing the language or a top English-speaking country is a great choice.

If you’d rather watch things from the side, you can forget about the language and choose a vibrant city with a great café culture.

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Try to avoid big hotels

As a sole traveler, it is way better to try Airbnb or renting a room in an apartment which will also give you the extra benefit of interacting with residents. There are plenty of options to choose from and, of course, hostels are also an option but you might end up interacting with other tourists rather than locals.

Be a good company for yourself

Traveling alone for a long time can be tough to handle, however, if you learn to love your own company things can be uplifting. Besides traveling you can try finding yourself in such a trip and that means a lot more than sharing the experience with a partner.


Learn how to say no

Traveling alone, especially in the hospitable cultures, might bring a lot of unwanted attention from locals or other tourists. Oddly enough, when choosing to travel solo for peace and quiet is perceived as something very interesting by locals that notice you are alone. So, it is very important to learn how to politely avoid their attention and, if the situation requires, saying no so you can enjoy your vacation the way you planned.

Take a lot of photos

Having a photographic mission gives a lot of structure to your day and a clear purpose rather than just roaming around the cities or landscapes. Even if it’s just about small things like an interesting leaf or a stray dog, your friends back home will appreciate the snaps.

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Make sure to taste the local food

Staying away from restaurants just to avoid the awkward situation of eating alone is not at all a good idea. You decided to travel alone, then own it. Restaurants are great places to dine alone and most waiters will greet you with a big smile. It’s a big plus to also know the local cuisine and really taste the country you’re in.

Get an early start

If the idea of tasting the nightlife alone doesn’t sound like a plan you want to take part in, you can always focus on getting up bright and early, enjoy a great breakfast at the hotel and then pack your day with visiting museums, parks, local landscapes, escape rooms. By doing so you will have a full day and be ready for bed quite early.

So, there you go, the pros and cons of alone traveling and some tips to consider if you really decide to try it out. One thing is certain, you can really have a fun trip without taking people with you, all you need is an extra boost to try it.


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