Tips on Buying CBD Oil for Dogs Treats


Dogs are lovely creatures that beautify their owners’ lives. Their loyalty and affection are incredible. You just have to respond to so much love with affection, attention, and the best care. It is the best gratitude for all that your furry buddy gives you.

If you are considering buying CBD oil for your pet, you are familiar with all the benefits of this product. Even if your pup doesn’t suffer from any disease, giving liquid cannabidiol can be an excellent supplement and a way to keep your dog healthy.

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CBD market is ever-expanding, and the popularity of these products is growing unstoppably. All manufacturers of hemp products are looking for their chance and potential customers. You need to know that a large number of different products also mean variations in their quality.


Know What You Look for

If you intend to give your dog quality CBD oil, you need a product that actually contains cannabidiol. In this step, most newbies make a mistake, and manufacturers turn that into their favorite. That’s why there are some details that you should pay attention to.

It’s not the same thing when a product has a CBD-infused or hemp-based label. In principle, both should contain a certain amount of CBD, since this component is obtained by processing the hemp plant. Pay attention to the indicated cannabidiol concentration; hemp-based oils contain less of it than CBD-infused products.

Hempseed oil is something you shouldn’t give to your dog. Not because it will endanger your pup, but because there are no health benefits. It’s the oil that can be used in cooking and contains nothing more than CBD in traces. If you can find contradictory data (a high concentration of CBD and ‘hemp seed oil’) on the label of one product, that’s probably a fraud.


Look for Hemp Origin

Some brands sell goods of poor quality that are difficult to distinguish from the original. So, every responsible owner has to be well-informed about product quality and origin. The highest quality CBD oils and CBD-infused treats are made from organic hemp (view this link). These plants are grown under controlled conditions. You’ll find this information on the label and manufacturer’s website.

Products whose raw materials come from overseas or polluted areas can’t be of good quality and safe. Hemp grown in poor conditions has a distinctive scent, so manufacturers add various additives and carrier oils to mask it. So make sure to look at the oil composition and check if there are any of these ingredients.


Know the Dosage

The concentration of cannabidiol is what makes the difference between human and pet products. That makes sense since the average person has way more pounds than an average dog. Simply put, people need more cannabidiol than animals.

 If you try to give your dog human CBD oil, that’s doable. But you have to recalculate the required dose due to much higher cannabidiol concentration in human hemp goods. That can be time-consuming and often unnecessary. For this reason, buy only products intended for dogs.

Although cannabidiol is safe for dogs, you should take care of how much cannabidiol they’ll need. The rule of thumb is that your pet should take 1 milligram of substance for every 10 pounds of weights. But don’t adhere to this blindly, as many factors can affect the dosing of this natural remedy.

Your dog’s health and size play the most prominent role. It is also essential how old your pup is. Of course, the product composition differs from brand to brand. For that reason, you should look at the dosage table for specific pet oil on the manufacturer’s website. If it doesn’t exist, then follow the general rule. Also, you can never go wrong with minimal dose.



THC, like CBD, is a cannabinoid. Although it has a bad reputation, this substance has its good sides, but exclusively for human use and in small quantities. In dogs, THC can cause poisoning and have fatal consequences if higher doses are involved.

Some manufacturers claim that a minimum dose (up to 0.3%) of THC can’ hurt an animal. That may be true, but it’s better not to risk. Broad-spectrum and isolated CBD oils contain everything your little sidekick needs.

When buying CBD oil, be sure to check what is stated on the label and lab test report. The information must match, which means that there must be a THC-free label in both places. Any divergence may indicate a product of dubious quality and origin.


Always Consult a Vet

One way to be sure of pet CBD oils quality is to buy them in certified stores. You don’t need a vet prescription for them because they are listed as a supplement. You still should consult a veterinarian before buying, especially if they have experience with this product. What they know is more than what you know, so their advice and recommendations will help.

Cannabidiol is, without a doubt, a very potent substance that has numerous health benefits for your pet. You just have to find a CBD brand that will deliver and guarantee it to you. In a crowded market, that can be a daunting task. But if you want your dog to get only the best from cannabidiol, you need to know what and from whom you are buying.

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