Top 5 Instagram Apps for iOS


Statistically, more than 5 million users from pole to pole use Instagram with the aim to promote their products. This platform is treated as the place where one can tell their own story about the brand development or characteristics of the product. Of course, there are definite marketing strategies, allowing you to promote your product, increase the number of sales and so on. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t neglect modern software solutions, allowing you to improve your content quality, or speed up work on Instagram.

In this review, we’ll talk about top apps for iOS that will help business owners organize their work. We’ll take a look at their functionality, the number of options and usability. Let’s simplify your work on free Instagram followers!


In some instances, one photo can’t fully characterize the product you sell. In this case, you can make use of this application, allowing you to make collages. The primary purpose of this software product is to remix your photos. The app will organize the photos you choose in different combinations. You can view them and select the best one!

One collage encompasses up to nine images. Thus, we can conclude that Layout is an ideal solution for those who seek:

Possibility to showcase content;

Possibility to show images in the form Before-After;

Features allowing you to see the history of product releases.

The opportunity to download it for free is one of the greatest benefits of this software.


This software product is for iOS users. This is a native Mac application, allowing you to do much more than you can imagine. An awful lot of users from all over the globe prefer Flume Instagram to a native program.

There are lots of reasons why you need to prefer this program:

You can view all the photos on a Mac.

If you want to see the details, click an image.

Open the detail view with the aim to comment on a photo.

Control several Instagram accounts.

Upload content.

Make posts right from your Mac.

Use lots of filters allowing you to improve the image quality.

Take images and disable comments.

This is not just a foremost app, performing one or several features. This is a full software product, allowing you to lead your business.

Hootsuite Enhance

This app is free for iOS users. Using its functionality, you can improve the image quality and even raise engagement. This is an all-in-one photo editing software product, which is regarded to be an ideal solution for creating better content.

Through the use of this app, you can do the following:

Edit images with stickers, overlays, and various filters.

Share to various social networking sights.

Crop and size images.

Use an extensive photo database.

Hootsuite Enhance has a plethora of completely satisfied users, thus, it is worth attention.


It is hard not to mention this app because it is deemed to be one of the most popular ones. This is the number one tool for creating engaging content. The app will shoot 10 images and then, it creates a short mini-video file, moving back and forth.

It is free for iOS users. You can share the content either from the app or save it in the gallery. Lots of marketers use this app because it allows them to add the note of fun to your account.

Microsoft Selfie

This is a photo-editing software product, which helps iOS users improve image quality. Microsoft Selfie can do the following:

Noise reduction. This is one of the best apps, allowing you to reduce noise through the use of burst shots.

Auto Exposure. The app uses the automatic exposure correction option with the aim to clarify images.

Image Enhancement. You can easily improve the skin tone, lighting, age and so on.

The photo boosting options of this program allows you to change brightness, structure or contrast in a split second.

Taking into consideration the number of apps, allowing you to improve the image quality, there is no need to be up to speed on Adobe Photoshop tricks. Such applications are good for people who a perfect result is mandatory!

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