Top Strangest Building to Visit Around The World

The world is full of surprises and never ceases to amaze us as humans. While there are architectural grandeurs like the Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Taj Mahal among many other beautiful sites, there are also some really strange buildings and houses scattered across the world.

If you’re someone who’d rather have a quirky outing exploring the deep and twisted secrets buried around the world, then these are some of the strangest buildings that you must visit at least once which will surely give you a thrill:


The Eden Project

This is a great structural delight that consists of biodomes that store plants that have been collected from the world over. The dominating and huge domes house thousands of plants. There are two major biodomes- one giving the environment of the tropics and the other the feel of the Mediterranean. The domes are a mystical wonder and supports vegetables, plant landscapes as well as sculptures. The Core of the domes is a home to exhibitions run year round. There is also a “Seed” which is a permanent egg shaped stone installation depicting the scientific and mathematical principles that dictate plant growth. It’s definitely worth a visit once.



This building is located in Germany, Darmstadt. It contains a total of 105 apartments, a café, bar, kiosk and a parking garage as well as an artificial lake. What makes this building unique is that there is no overall uniformity in the architecture and the windows seem to be dancing out of line. They appear to be completely out of order and trees seem to be growing out of windows. The roof is diagonal and no two windows in the building are the same. Every apartment has a different handle attached to it as well as having unique doors and windows. This building surely takes quirky to a new level.


The Basket Building

The Basket Building

The headquarters of the Longaberger Company which sells baskets is situated in a building shaped as a…..umm basket! The founder of the company always dreamed of selling picnic baskets and he turned his dream partly into a reality by getting the seven storey headquarters designed in a basket shape as well. It is a great tourist attraction in Ohio and the building also has two handles attached to it as if it were a real building. The handles are also heated during the winter to avoid snow and ice to accumulate.

The Crooked House

The Crooked House

The house was built in Poland in 2004 and the house is approximately 4000 meters in size and surely an architectural achievement in terms of originality. The house is very similar to illustrations found in children novels and is homage to Jan Szancer. The entire house looks distorted and it looks as if the house is playing an optical illusion on your eyes. The house now sports a shopping mall and you will definitely want to stop by and look at this strange building that will surely take your breath away.

 The House of Stone

The House of Stone

This is like a Flintstones episode coming to life with real houses made of stone. The house was built in 1974 with 4 boulders. The house is devoid of electricity and the residents require using candles. The house might actually be something reminding you of the stone-age without electricity, but it has a swimming pool as well as staircases which are carved from stone. If you want to escape the crazy world of technology for a day, you should definitely visit this house in Portugal.

These buildings will surely make you wonder everything you know and stare in amazement at the grandeur and uniqueness of these buildings which are unmatched throughout the world!


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