Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered Mirai Billboards Eat Pollution

Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered Mirai

Toyota is using pollution-eating billboards to showcase the all-new Mirai to show it’s pollution-eating qualities.

The Mirai is Toyota’s first car powered by hydrogen fuel cells. It’s one of the cleanest-running cars on the road. The Mirai can squeeze about 312 miles out of a single tank, and the only emissions it produces are hydrogen and oxygen. Those come out neatly bundled as water molecules, to the tune of about .02 gallons per mile.

Toyota’s Hydrogen-Powered Mirai

As if putting rolling micro-irrigation systems on the road wasn’t brilliant enough for you, Toyota is running ads for the Mirai on some equally cool billboards. They use technology developed by the PURETi Group that removes nitrous oxide emissions produced by cars from the air and turns them into nitrate.

As you might have guessed from the company’s name, it’s all thanks to the magic of titanium. Titanium dioxide, to be specific. A thin coating is applied to a vinyl medium; the ad image gets printed on, and then Clear Channel sticks them up on their billboards. PURETi says their eco-friendly signage will “continue to purify the air as long as light, humidity, airflow and the titanium dioxide coating are present.”

Toyota is rolling out a total of 37 billboards in San Francisco and Los Angeles. In total, they’ll pull the NOx emissions of nearly 5,300 cars out of the air while they’re promoting the Mirai.

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