Travel Predictions: How Most Travelers Would Be Traveling in 2017


It has been an amazing year for the traveling industry. Many things have changed, and people from around the world now explore the world differently. Technology makes things easier. We use smart gadgets and apps to book accommodation and flights, and we let ourselves influenced by social media when it comes to deciding on a destination. Unconventional traveling to places that are less mediatized has become a top preference. Many have left Western Europe for Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. Adventure traveling has gone mainstream, as well. There’s a wealth of avid voyageurs out there – globetrotters, backpackers, mountaineers, honeymooners, families searching for relaxation, even business people mix business with pleasure these days. What should we expect for 2017? Here are some travel predictions that might clear the air.


Technology to the rescue

Advanced technology makes travelers impatient when planning a holiday. Everyone wants to book flights and accommodation fast and effortless, right from their iPads or smartphones. Planning itineraries must be easy, which means the fastest and most well-organized apps will gain autonomy. Using technology to choose a destination will become extremely common in 2017. This means that fewer people will walk into agencies to pick a pre-determined package.

Also, apps will be widely used to search for nearby attractions, restaurants, and activities while also providing useful advice to travelers on the go. With the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, people will start asking programs for advice; or these programs might just predict the best itinerary without even getting a request from the user.


Mixing business with pleasure

A lot of people travel for business purposes. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the experience. In 2017, increasingly more people will blend business with pleasure traveling – also known as “bleisure”. Travel opportunities for business purposes are a big deal, and many are open to the idea of leaving the conventional office space for a trip to Japan, Thailand, South Africa, or Norway. Also, since lots of entrepreneurs have their own startups (most of them operating online), it becomes extremely easy to travel while also getting things done. According to industry experts, business traveling can boost productivity and creativity. Breaking through a daily routine increases engagement and seeing new places and people can even motivate employees to work with a lot more drive and enthusiasm.


Traveling off-the-beaten path

Traveling off-the-beaten-path will become even more popular in 2017. We all want to explore an unconventional destination that hasn’t been explored by anyone else. Many are already planning their vacation, and the destinations they want to see are truly uncommon. A safari South Africa, venturing into Brazil’s Amazonian forest and exploring the tumultuous history of Mother Russia is at the top of the list. Undiscovered places that are puzzling and even a bit dangerous will become highly preferred by adventurers tired of trekking across Europe.


Sustainable traveling 

Global warming is real, and travelers are starting to be more responsible. The travel industry is now more sustainable and environmentally-friendly than ever before, and increasingly more people choose eco-friendly options when making leisure plans. Rather than drive, travelers opt for trekking or hiking to reach their destination, thus making their trip last longer and at the same time help preserve the natural environment. Also, many accommodation facilities are now sustainable, and people choose eco-friendly facilities that don’t harm the natural surroundings.


Materialistic pleasures are replaced by experiences

Traveling is no longer about materialistic pleasures, such as luxury lodging and expensive shopping sprees. In 2017, we’ll see a lot of people travel for the experience. Rather than spend more on an all-inclusive 5* resort, travelers will focus on the sheer pleasure of traveling, exploring the natural surroundings, meeting new people, and getting to know more about their customs and traditions. High-end services are replaced for experiences because many travelers agree that luxury can be created anywhere at any time. Nothing can replace the thrill of hiking Cape Town’s Table Mountain or the surreal wilderness of Russia’s Siberia.

Things are changing in the travel industry, and in 2017 we’ll see a lot of people switch from the conventional to the unconventional in order to make long-lasting memories.


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