Travelling mistakes to avoid!


Nobody has the perfect plan for travelling, we all make some or the other mistakes. If you are making minor mistakes, then it doesn’t mean that you are a bad traveller, but if you are making major mistakes, then you must be careful. Here are some mistakes travellers often make and should avoid…

  1. Breaking the law – When you go to a different state or country, you need to be careful about laws. You don’t want to end up breaking a major law and in jail during your vacation. Other than this, if the cops catch you and you end up paying fines, then too it is not really a positive sign. Be careful with the laws, read up before you head to a new place.
  2. Extending your trip – Extending your trip is completely fine if you have arranged everything beforehand. If you randomly extend the trip without having extended your hotel stay, changing tickets, without carrying extra clothes and things, then this will backfire! You cannot just leave the hotel and run around to find a new one. You will also end up wasting your money behind the tickets. Make sure you plan in advance if you want to stay longer.
  3. Spending too much – Trips are meant for splurging and enjoying but that doesn’t mean you have to spend all the money you have. If you have extra money in the budget, then you can spend, but if you are restricting yourself then stick to it. You never know when you might need extra money for some emergency reasons. So save up till you can and always carry extra money with you.
  4. Avoiding travel insurance – Most of us don’t think it is essential to take travel insurance for small vacations but if your vacation is more than 7 days then you should take insurance. It doesn’t cost too much and provides safety plus support.
  5. Eating food you don’t know – It is good to try new dishes, but if you don’t know what a certain meat or gravy is then avoid it. People of that state or country are used to it, but you might not like it or it will not suit your digestive system. Stick to the food you know well rather than randomly ordering funky dishes.
  6. Not knowing the local language – Whether you are travelling inside the country or outside, you must know a little from the local language to at least ask for directions and to greet them. If you are roaming inside India, then you should know Hindi properly so that you can take directions if you are lost from anyone. Not everybody knows English or your mother tongue, a little basic information is good to know.

These are just few mistakes people make while travelling, make sure you avoid making major errors during your trip. Also, always advance book train tickets and food for train journey to avoid hassles.





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