Trump Saved $600 Million In F-35 Deal Through His Extreme Negotiation Skills


There is not everything bad about President Trump, He used to call F-35 “not very good!”, “out of control!” and coming at a “tremendous cost”? Well now, it is a “great plane” all of a sudden, as our President Donald Trump claims to have “fixed all the problems.” How you ask? Only God knows.

F-35 has the same junk of a landing gear, jets, and ejection seats, yet, the plane has been made great again by the POTUS as Defense One states. On Monday, at a meeting with small business leaders at the White House, Trump mentioned,

“The F-35 fighter jet — a great plane by the way, I have to tell you, and Lockheed is doing a very good job as of now. There were great delays, about seven years of delays, tremendous cost overruns. We’ve ended all of that and we’ve got that program really, really now in good shape, so I’m very proud of that.”

So it seems that the “greatness” of a fighter plane lies solely on its costs. Since the POTUS claims to have knocked off $600 million from the latest batch of planes; the “not very good plane” has become better than any other choice. Trump also explained how he managed to do so, via the Washington Post,

“But we cut approximately $600 million off the F-35 fighter, and that only amounts to 90 planes out of close to 3,000 planes. And when you think about $600 million, it was announced by Marillyn, who’s very talented, the head of Lockheed Martin. I got involved in that about a month ago.

A lot was put out, and when they say a lot, a lot meant about 90 planes. They were having a lot of difficulty. There was no movement and I was able to get $600 million approximately off those planes.”

The gist of it is that Trump claims to have gotten involved and met with defense contractors in late December of last year, and got a reduction of $600 million off the price of 90 F-35 planes.

But according to reports from The Post, the head of the F-35 program at the Pentagon already announced a cost reduction of 6 to 7 % per plane on December 20th, which is days before Trump started meeting the defense industry.

The F-35 was designed to get cheaper as the production went on, reports Aviation Week’s Lara Seligman on Twitter.


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