Turn Your iPhone Into A Portable Coffee Maker


Now you can turn your smartphone into a skillful espresso maker with just a Mokase phone case. We all love coffee and it is hard to operate without it but now you can have it on the go or whenever you want to have.

The Mokase phone cover with a disposable insert containing coffee. A companion app heats it up whenever and wherever you require and pours the espresso out. Luigi Carfora and Clemente Biondo are the minds behind the gadget who designed the waterproof case measuring just 1 centimeter in thickness, insulating the coffee while it is brewed. The ‘mokaromi’ cartridge is inserted from a slot on the side in which the coffee is sealed within a vacuum. When the cartridge is inserted in the phone, the spout breaks the vacuum membrane, and the drink can exit.

The cover heats the coffee using aluminum-silicone alloy resistors to concentrate the heat warming the beverage in just 5-8 seconds. The insulation prevents any heat from getting to the phone itself. At one time the device can pump out 25 ml of coffee, powered by a separate lithium battery that can be recharged with a USB cable. The companion app allows the user to brew the beverage on demand. The mokaromi pods can keep the coffee fresh for up to 3 months and come in three different flavors: classic, toasted, and Arabic.

The case solves the problem of brewing coffee but what about the container? You do not have to carry that around with you either because Mokase has a solution for that too. The company has developed a collapsible cup that can be used as a keyring. The Mokase is available for iPhone 6, 6S and 7, and lots of Android phones including Samsung, Huawei, and LG.

The covers come in black or white and are expected to be shipped out by September this year, and the price for one unit is €49 (~US$ 54).

For more information head to Kickstarter.

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