Ubisoft’s Using Bad AI-Generated Assassin’s Creed Art, and People Hates It

Ubisoft’s handling of the Assassin’s Creed series has been a rollercoaster, and lately, poor Ezio got caught in the crossfire on Twitter. For Halloween, Ubisoft Netherlands tossed a coin to fans, asking them to pick between “trick or treat.” What they got, though, was a ghastly, soulless, AI-generated Halloween nightmare. Take a closer look, and you’ll spot the unmistakable signs of AI shenanigans—the twisted Assassins emblem, the fingers doing some unnatural dance, and even the once simple pumpkins falling victim to the AI’s touch. Embarrassing? Absolutely.

It’s not just bad art; it’s a reflection of a company cutting corners. Ubisoft seems to be on a cost-cutting spree, marked by layoffs, cancellations, and office closures. The decision to opt for AI art instead of investing in the incredible talent they still have is disheartening. Bargain Bin Ezio wasn’t a one-time blunder either. Ubisoft Latam, the Latin American Twitter account, shared an equally unappealing piece of AI art, though, to their credit, the fingers looked somewhat human. Small victories, right?

The use of AI art isn’t just a random marketing mishap. It’s part of a trend normalizing AI over real artistic endeavors. Ubisoft’s message seems to be: as long as it’s cheaper, who cares if it’s of embarrassingly low quality? The gaming world is brimming with awe-inspiring artwork, and countless talented artists are eager to contribute. Yet, Ubisoft is choosing to undermine their value, suggesting that a program struggling to produce fingers is somehow more valuable than human creativity.

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