The Untold Lives Of The Saudi Royal Family

Saudi Royal Family

Saudi Arabia is a controversial region of the world and the most misunderstood, The royal family of Saudi Arabia is known as the House of Saud. Since the 18th century, this family has been ruling the one of the richest Islamic countries. They have gone through with turmoil within the ranks and have wreaked havoc on the people and countries who disobeyed or didn’t agree with them. From their luxurious purchases to the deception and tricks that has happened throughout the centuries, we’re going to tell you the truth about what goes on behind their palace walls in the Kingdom. This is the untold lives of The Saudi Royal Family.

King Salman is currently in power and rule with an iron fist, but before, him there was King Abdullah. Collectively, they have handled the family’s net worth of $1.4 trillion dollars and have distributed it to their 30,000 heirs. You will also learn about the breakdown of just how much each member receives, and what some greedy princes have done to make more money on the side.

They are the super-rich, those at the top of the family are able to live extravagantly. King Abdullah’s home was worth an estimated $740 million dollars, and princes of the family have been known to spend billions of dollars on real estate, private jets, and superyachts.

The princesses are held to severe rules, and some princesses did talk about how it is to be apart of the House of Saud. Check out the video for a lot more.


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