US Cops Caught on Film Joking About Shooting Suspects – Video


Two San Francisco police officers have been filmed in a donut cafe joking about getting away with killing suspects. Posted on Instagram, the video has caused public outrage and has prompted an investigation.

The uniformed officers can be seen seated at a Happy Donuts in San Francisco, according to the person who posted the video. The two can be heard graphically describing what bodycams would show as a result of a police shooting – and what evidence they would and wouldn’t want to be seen on such footage.

What you want on video is the guy holding the gun still and going… still pointing at you,” one of the officers says in what appears to be a light-hearted conversation that makes the two laugh. “Not [showing hands up] and then BAM-BAM-BAM… cherry pie all over the wall,” the officer said.

The videos surfaced on Instagram this week, with the user saying she “simply reposted these videos to inform the community about the individuals who are sworn in to ‘serve and protect.’” Police in San Francisco do not wear body cameras yet, but a project to equip them is in the works.

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