Video Of a Cruise Ship Rocks Dangerously During A Storm

Cruise Ship Rocks Dangerously

776 passengers loving a cruise from Barcelona to Tunisia dealt with quite the extremely harsh weather recently, and the security footage from inside the cabins prove it!

Traveling on a cruise ship can be a marvelous experience. It’s just you, a bunch of friendly passengers, plenty of onboard entertainment and the high seas. Once aboard, it seems like nothing can go wrong.

But, sometimes, severe weather can affect the trip. Sometimes, a violent storm can roll in suddenly and the water goes from serene to dangerous in a matter of minutes. It’s a terrifying ordeal.

A large group of passengers, 776 of them to be exact, on a voyage from Barcelona to Tunisia experienced an extreme passage when a dangerous storm rolled in without warning. The boat was rocking back and forth viciously, and security cameras inside caught the insanity.

Footage recorded from the cabins reveal large pieces of furniture being scatter about everywhere. Tourists who were out of their rooms needed to actually brace themselves against walls and pillars to stop from sliding all over the floor!

The great danger wasn’t people falling, but having large objects that weren’t secure collide with them.

When the dining room furniture slide across the floor, it was clear they were all in serious danger, check out the video below.

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