Watch This: People BASE jumping from World Trade Center

A group of men who BASE jumped from the top of the 1,776-foot tower at 1 World Trade Center last September turned themselves in to police on Monday.

The men — three of whom parachuted from the building, while a fourth kept watch — questioned the level of security in and around the tower. Andrew Rossig, one of the men who was involved with the stunt, said “we just kind of walked in.”

Timothy Parlatore, one of Rossig’s lawyers, told The New York Times that the group had not seen any security guards during their 3AM climb to the roof of the 104-floor building. The men were able to evade capture on the night of their stunt, despite being spotted stuffing their parachutes away by a Goldman Sachs security guard when they were safely back on the ground. Police took until January to identify them, when they were able to obtain search warrants for their camera equipment, and found footage of the incredible jump.

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