Watching This Butter Factory In Action Is Somewhat Satisfying

Butter Factory

Jean-Yves Bordier Butter factory in France is heaven on earth. French butter is not the most smooth and tastiest in the world and watching it getting made is very satisfying to everyone food lover or not. Video tour is sufficient to make you drool over the smoothness of the butter and leaves you feeling ecstatic.

YouTube’s Mind of a Chef made this grand tour of the butter factory with chef Ludo Lefebvre. You can see the sparkle in Lefebvre’s eyes and the jump in his step as he makes his way through assembly lines producing pale golden blocks of goodness.

The factory is renowned for creating custom-made butter by hand, Their well-trained chefs (If you call them chefs) handle every element with tremendous care and love; from the selection of the wood for boards to the tactful addition of salt, each step is performed artistically. Chefs also work on custom recipes and take special requests from their customers on specific order sizes and shapes. How awesome is this! Check out the video below and keep something to eat close by.

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