Water on Earth Predates Sun, Our Life Originated Elsewhere Not On Earth

Science relies on water signs to tell a story of how a celestial body or region came to be. Now it seems our own solar system contains more water than itself, which could have dramatic implications for our search for extraterrestrial life.

To explain this new theory, a concept long been the star formation must be considered. Each star is forged from materials found in its own interstellar molecular cloud.

It also surrounds with a protoplanetary disk, or a solar nebula – a belt from its planets which arise. Previous research was not certain that the ice in this record comes from the open space or is formed in a chemical reaction by own processes of the star after the previous building blocks of water are evaporated.

This uncertainty is gone now and we can say that our life is not the result of the activity created in the protoplanetary disk at all.

Because water is a definitive marker of life, and because we rely on the signs of the latter to lead our search for new habitable planets, being aware of the conditions necessary for its survival is a huge leap forward .

“Why is this important? If water in the early solar system was inherited mainly as ice from interstellar space, then it is likely that similar ice with prebiotic organic matter they contain, are abundant in most or all protoplanetary disks around forming stars, “Conel Alexander Carnegie, one of the leaders of the study, said.

“But if the water in the early solar system was largely the result of local processing chemicals at the birth of the sun, then it is possible that the abundance of water varies considerably in the formation of planetary systems this would obviously have an impact on the potential for the emergence of life elsewhere. ”

In the study, led by L. Ilsedore Cleeves from the University of Michigan and published in the journal Science, the team found that 30 to 50 percent of the water on Earth is more alone than the sun.

In reaching this conclusion, he focused on hydrogen, specifically amended – deuterium, which forms a compound that scientists call “heavy water”. When measuring the ration of deuterium to hydrogen, scientists can estimate how much of this special water exists on a body in space, and how it came to be there.

“The question was whether this hot violent process of creating stars scrambled chemicals and broke the heavy water molecules that pre-solar gas,” says Cleeves. “But if that were the case, then the water was formed locally in the protoplanetary disk. ”

“The punchline here is that we have simulated the formation of heavy water as it took place in the disc, and it was almost negligible,” she explains.

This means that a large amount of “heavy water” had not come clean process of the sun, but it was carried by the gas cloud far.

If this is true, we now know much more about what the most important building blocks for life. We know it can survive interstellar travel and is available as a pre-formation of the planet material even starts.

One of the things that humans have long considered the specifics of our solar system and the Earth’s water is something special that makes life in this unique neighborhood. However, knowing that the water was indeed reached in another remote area, we can make the necessary changes to our search for the origin of life on Earth corrections in search of the origin of a particular molecule.

This will create more questions than answers, But science is getting all the answers we want.

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