Weird World Records –Badass or Just Stupid

You want a legacy? Want your name to go down in history, for people to remember you and recognize you as being the best there is at what you do? What better way than getting your name on an official world record? If you are like these people, there must be better ways.

Most Live Rattlesnakes Held in Mouth

If, like Jackie Bibby, you have a unique skill less likely to amaze and impress people than it is to horrify and repulse them, maybe it would be best to keep it behind closed doors, or at least confine it to the wildest, drunkest parties you attend.

11 adult rattlesnakes in your mouth isn’t usually a cause for celebration, but for Bibby, it meant he had broken a world record, even if it was a pointless one. He made no comment on whether he was happier about the record, or getting all those damn snakes out of his mouth without being filled with venom.

Fastest Weight Gained

Donna Simpson, from New Jersey, wanted to be the very best at being fat and getting fatter quickly, and by God did she achieve her goal. Donna’s dream to be the biggest, heaviest waste of medical resources in the world began in 2010.

Weird World Records

She charged people to watch her eat lots of crap and get fatter. Donna was aiming for 1,000lbs but stopped at just over 600lbs, due to health and relationship issues.

Largest Plane Eaten

The Cessna 150 is also the only plane ever eaten. Famous “Mr. Eat-it-all”, Michael Lotito spent two years in the early 1990s devouring every single part of the plane, from the engine and wings to the leather seats and glass windows.

Weird World Records

It is unlikely that anyone will try to eat a plane again, so Mr. Lotito will probably hold this pointless record until the end of time.

Strongest Kick to the Groin

Where some men ask “OH GOD WHY?!” Kirby Roy asks “why not?”

Weird World Records

Kirby, for some reason, trained his balls for several years to take incredibly hard whacks without him feeling pain, building up from “light taps” to… this. In 2010, American Gladiator Jesse Smith Jr. kicked Roy in the crotch with 1,100lbs of force, securing Roy the record. Even if Roy felt little pain from this, the question of why he would do it anyway is still pertinent.

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