What Happens By Taking Liquids With Food?


We are well aware of the fact that people love having cold drinks and water with a almost every meal. Especially in a dine out, unlimited refills are considered to be one of the best deals. Even at home, we take a pitcher full of water which ends even before the meal finishes. But it has it’s own side effects. Here are 4 major side effects, which can be caused by drinking water with food :

Causes Acidity:

Facing continuous acidity is probably the reason of large water intake along with your food. Upon drinking excessive water, your stomach absorbs the water to its capacity. But once the capacity is reached, the acids are then absorbed by water. This would also play a role in diluting your digestive system, causing the acids to decay.

Slows down digestion:

The very first thing that is used for the digestion of food is our saliva. Saliva helps in digesting the meal we take. It prompts the stomach for releasing enzymes for digestion purpose. Saliva present in your mouth reduces when you drink water with food. This could ultimately slow down the digestion process which causes further complications.

Reduces Gastric Juices:

Another very important part that helps your digestion is performed by gastric juices present in stomach. These juices helps in breaking down the food preventing bacteria from causing any adverse effect to stomach operations. When water comes along with the food, these juices slows down the entire system of digestion. So we can say that in one way or another, taking water along with food is actually reducing the fluids which help in digestion. And bad digestion ultimately initiates problems for various other organs as well.

Increases Weight:

Taking water with eatables can be a big reason for weight gain. This side effect is very random. People facing obesity usually consume water during their meals. When water comes down along the food, it leads to a significant chance of growth in the insulin level. The increase in insulin level and food breakdown can collectively play their part in multiplying fats of the body. This is understood that increased fats leads to increased weight.  So if you are looking for a weight loss remedy, the very first thing you need to avoid is drinking water during your meals.

We have seen the side effects of drinking water with food. To stay healthy, you need to avoid water and other beverages during the meal. Wait for about 20 minutes after you finish your food, and then drink water if you really need to. Moreover, Here i am sharing some suggestions to further avoid stomach problems.

  • Try taking less salty meals
  • Chew up your food well, don’t hurry!
  • Drink water 20 minutes before starting your meal.

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