Why Do Scorpions Glow Under Ultraviolet Light?


Derek Muller joined forces with Dr. Carl Kloock of California State University Bakersfield to try to look out why scorpions glow a neon-green color when they are under ultraviolet light, either natural moonlight or blacklight.

Dr. Kloock said he has about 6 various hypotheses about why scorpions fluoresce.

Check out the video below, he says,

“What we don’t know is why they want to detect ultraviolet light so badly that they’ve turned their whole body into a photon detector.

The suspicion is that it has to do with determining whether or not they should come out at night.”

Watch the whole story and see how they conducted their research below.


The fluorescence also works as a type of sunblock that covers the arachnids during the daytime. It even lets them detect and avoid dangerous UV rays. Also, the way that they shine might allow them to recognize another scorpion easier.

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