Will You Spend $1,000 On A Dozen Of These Gold-Encrusted Doughnuts

A restaurant in Brooklyn is making news all over the world and especially on social media after revealing it is selling a doughnut with Cristal champagne icing covered in 24-karat gold flakes. Fit for the Sultan of Brunei.

The only catch is that the doughnuts will cost you $100. Each.

The pricey pastry can be found at the Manila Social Club.

The Filipino restaurant, which is owned by chef Björn DelaCruz, opened its doors in April, according to a profile in the New York Times.

One of DelaCruz’s specialties is a doughnut made with ube, a purple yam that is popular in the Philippines.

The restaurant’s ube doughnuts are more affordable than the gold ones, at $40 for a dozen.

The purple doughnuts have become popular, and even Broad City star Ilana Glazer is a fan.

But now DelaCruz is kicking it up a notch with his “Golden Cristal Ube Donut.” He has taken his ube doughnut and drizzled it with a icing made with Cristal champagne, champagne jelly, and edible gold flakes.

The chef told FirstWeFeast that the golden creation was born after he hosted a doughnut event with the Braven Brewery. At the event, DelaCruz made a beer-infused doughnut dusted with gold.

“The reason that gold leaf and Cristal were added was because I love all different champagnes,” he told FirstWeFeast. “I wanted to add something [to the menu] for the new year to celebrate how long we have been going.”

And because this is New York, DelaCruz says people are actually shelling out $100 per doughnut. In fact, he said they are being ordered by the dozens.

“I didn’t know people would go and order a dozen [of these] at a time,” he told FirstWeFeast. “But then again, it is New York, and there are people willing to put down a grand for a dozen doughnuts.”

The response has been so great that DelaCruz told FirstWeFeast he plans to keep making them throughout the year.

“I take pride in this, and to me it’s a piece of art,” he said. “The Golden Cristal Ube Donut was originally created for the holidays and I wanted something special.”

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