Winchester Rifle Is Turned Into A Vending Machine That Dispenses Candy Filled Shells

Winchester Rifle Is Turned Into A Vending Machine

San Francisco artist Constantine Zlatev has transformed a Winchester Model 94 lever-action repeating rifle into an automated vending machine that dispenses shells filled with candy when a coin is inserted.

The idea for this art installation originates from the popular commodity vending machines, drawing a parallel between the accessibility & ubiquity of weapons today to the ease of procuring candy from a street side vending machine. …The installation uses a minimalistic crankshaft system with a small stepper motor to automate the Winchester ’94 receiver mechanism, which has been modified to work with specially designed candy capsules. The gun magazine can store 7 ‘candies’ and each time a token is dropped in, the mechanical receiver dispenses a candy in lieu of a bullet shell.

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