Woman Has Ears Altered To Look Like Elf Ears

Woman Has Ears Altered To Look Like Elf Ears

The best Christmas story of the season: a 23-year-old Canadian model has had her ears surgically modified to look like the mythical creature’s.

Melynda Moon decided to get an operation that would make her ears look like a character from her favorite book series, “Lord of the Rings.”

“The elegance of the elf ear is something I adore,” she explained on a YouTube video documenting the surgery.

Moon, who lives in Guelph, Ontario, said the decision to change her elf, er, herself, was a long time coming. She believes she was a fairy in a previous existence. ”Some people like to tell their kids to stop being bad because they know an elf will tell Santa they’re being bad,” she said, according to the International Business Times. “Then their children see my ears and realize their parents aren’t joking.”



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