Woman Gets Into A Lion Enclosure In A Bold Display Of Being a Moron


Thank god Lions don’t like stupid.

Sadly, several people leave their common sense at home when going to a zoo. As it turns out, forbidden petting, feeding and taunting of the animals is not as rare as it should be.  Some people even take disobeying the zoo’s rules to the next level by creeping into the enclosures of wild animals. While it’s hard to think about what goes through the mind of these people, it’s obvious that these daredevils haven’t learned their lesson yet.

You might still remember the story of Harambe, the gorilla who was killed after a 4-year-old fell into his enclosure? Well, brace yourself for an even more crazy story coming up.

Recently, a video of a woman taunting a lion inside an exhibit went viral

Image credits: realsobrino

On Sunday, Instagram user realsobrino posted a shocking video showing a woman climbing into a lions’ exhibit during a visit to a Bronx zoo.

Image credits: realsobrino

The woman, who obviously didn’t get the memo on how dangerous these apex predators are, actually tried to get the lion’s attention.

Image credits: realsobrino

The lion seemed completely unfazed by the woman who was standing inches away from him and even waved and danced to get his attention.

Image credits: realsobrino

Luckily, the animal didn’t attack the insane lady who was promptly escorted from the zoo’s premises. The unknown woman is now wanted by police for trespassing.


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