World of Warcraft – Furry Warrior Updates of Class

World of Warcraft - Furry Warrior Updates of Class

Finally, the long-awaited release of the new Battle for Azeroth expansion is here. It brought not only the new content but also a significant revision of many class archetypes. Warrior class “Fury” received significant changes which you can check in the book of spells:

  • Addition returns the skill “Victory Rush” to the list of basic skills;
  • Global recharge “Rampage” depends on the speed stat of the Warrior. This same characteristic speeds up the animation of the ability usage;
  • “Whirlwind” distributes damage across multiple targets from two previous spells into one target, including “Execute”. The skill can restore the rage to the Warrior, 3 units instantly after activation, and additional ones for the defeated targets, but not more than 8;
  • “Bladestorm” works for 4 seconds, deals damage to targets faster and can be used every other minute;
  • “Battle Shout” is a new ability that increases attack power for the entire raid or group by 10%, lasts 1 hour, recovers for 15 seconds;
  • Skill “Recklessness” now doubles the generation of rage. The chance to cause critical damage is increased by 20%, the ability is active for 10 seconds;
  • “Enrage” instead of increasing the speed of auto attack, now buffs the speed stat by 25%, it has a 4-second effect. The rest of the spell remains unchanged;
  • “Raging Blow” is available for activation at any time, regardless of the effect “Enrage”, and has 2 charges. When used, there is a 20% chance that the skill will instantly refresh;
  • When “Execute” is activated, 20 units of rage are instantly generated, the ability’s cooldown is 6 seconds, but if the speed parameter gets increased, the cooldown will decrease;
  • The skill “Bloodthirst” got a constant 30% chance to proc “Enrage” when used. Previously, it depended on a chance to cause a critical strike.Looking at this big list of various changes, it can be a great idea to buy powerleveling WoW because you may need help in mastering the revised Fury Warrior. The talent tree has also been extensively revised:
  • Tier of 15th level. The “War Machine” spell generates 10% more of rage from an auto attack. The effect of the skill “Endless Rage” has been revised, now with each activation of “Enrage” you’ll see 6 rage units, strikes no longer refresh this ability. The Fresh Meat ability affects the Bloodthirst, increasing the chance to call Enrage by 15%, as well as the Warrior’s health generation by 20%;
  • Tier of 30th level. Spell “Impending Victory” replaces the “Victory Rush”. After you activate it, it causes damage to the enemy, and the Warrior restores 20% of maximum health. A cooldown is reset to 30 seconds if the hero kills an opponent and gains experience or honor. Innovations have not influenced the talents of “Double Time” and “Storm Bolt”;
  • Tier of 45th level. The new skill “Sudden Death” gives the attacks a passive effect which allows canceling the “Execute”. If this happens, the skill can be applied instantly to a target with any level of health. The tier also got an “Inner Rage” talent, which increases the damage from “Raging Blow” by 20%, and the recovery time of the ability is reduced by 1 second. “Furious Slash” without edits was transferred from the spell book to this series;• Tier of 60th level. The changes here affected only the talent of “Warpaint”; it reduces incoming damage by 10% while the “Enrage” is active. The talents “Furious Charge” and “Bounding Stride” remained unchanged.
  • Tier of 75th level. The skill “Carnage” increases the attack of “Rampage” by 15% and its activation becomes cheaper by 10 units of rage. The “Frothing Berserker” skill raises the price of using “Rampage” up to 95 points; in return, the user receives a 5% increase in the speed indicator and an increase in all outgoing damage by 10%, lasts for 6 seconds. Talent “Massacre” allows you to use “Execute” for targets with health level below 35%.• Tier of 90th level. “Dragon Roar” ability migrated here as well; enemies take damage within a radius of 12 meters around the Warrior and get slowed by 50%. The effect lasts 6 seconds. Skill usage gives 10 units of rage. The Meat Cleaver skill allows Whirlwind to activate an Enrage effect. In this case, an additional rage unit is accumulated for each target that received damage.
  • Tier of the 100th level. This is where the new talent “Siegebreaker” appeared. It’s an active strike, causing damage. Within 10 seconds, all outgoing damage to the target is increased by 15%. “Reckless Abandon” increases the effect of the ability “Recklessness” for 4 seconds; its activation allows you to accumulate 100 rages instantly. Talent “Anger Management” allows you to reduce the cooldown of “Recklessness” by 1 second each time after spending 20 units of rage.

So, as you can see from all the info we provided above, the “Fury” branch of the Warrior has changed a lot. Now Fury Warrior completely relies on the effect “Enrage”. The rotation has been simplified but the cost of error in attacking enemies has increased. The system of global recharge skills has changed, now the number of expectations in the rotation of the Warrior is reduced to the minimum. In order not to study every aspect of the character on your own, you can buy boost world of warcraft, and after that, all these innovations will not seem so complicated. In talents and a basic set of spells, you can see a small nerf of damage and increased survivability. Players got some variation in the AoE rotation. The “Fury” Warrior has not lost its strength, although the mechanics now requires more attention.

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