World’s Busiest Airports Interactive Map


The number of people passing through the world’s busiest airports year on year is astonishing. The passenger intake makes for an interesting read and many of the busiest airports in the world will likely be surprising to you. Most people would think that LAX would be the busiest airport in America, but both the Chicago O’ Hare International Airport and Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in Atlanta beat it in terms of passenger numbers. Hartsfield-Jackson has been the busiest airport since 1998 because of its great location – only a two-hour flight to 80% of the US population.

In Europe, the busiest airport is Heathrow, London which serves nearly 75 million passengers a year. Charles De Gaulle comes in second in Europe – serving over 65 million passengers a year. These really are incredible numbers. Check out this great story-map from Storetraffic SMS for a full list of the busiest airports in the world in 2015.

Check out the this interactive StoryMap which charts the world’s busiest airports.


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