The World’s Most Expensive Trip Costs $14 Million

The World’s Most Expensive Trip Costs $14 Million

Travel boutique DreamMaker’s latest offer might do the trick as it offers a 20-day luxury tour of 20 cities across the globe in a Boeing 767 designed for super rich. The price? Just  $13,875,000!

It is called ‘Passport to 50’ and is created to host billionaire clients, their 49 friends, and family for traveling across the world on a second Boeing Business Jet.

The flight is scheduled to begin its journey in August and will pass through 20 cities in 20 days while covering 50,000 kilometers in the air. The trip will have the ratio of 88% on ground to 12% in air. This distribution gives ample time for detailed exploration. Some key highlights in the air include a $500,000 charity poker tournament, yoga sessions on the plane, a full-fledged fashion show, and even a Master Sommelier.

DreamMaker’s founder Gregory Patrick talked about the trip,

“Since 1988, we have been setting benchmarks in the experiential travel space worldwide. In 2017, we will be the first to introduce Experiential Aviation as the pinnacle of private aviation.”

The clients will also enjoy wearable sleep technology with hypnotherapy, Reiki healing, and Ayurvedic medicine through the help of an expert hypnotherapist, ‘April Norris.’

“It is irrelevant how big and beautiful your private jet is if you are unable to relax comfortably or get the required amount of sleep on the plane,” added Patrick.

The trip’s most luxurious amenity is a set of 18-Karat gold swizzle sticks set embellished with white and blue diamonds. The set alone has a total worth of $1 million and it is created by the company’s partner World of Diamonds Group.

The company revealed that the ‘Passport to 50’ experience would directly benefit children around the world in a project called ‘Experiential Giving.’ The earnings from the Trip will be used to buy 2500 bicycles for rural children in Cambodia, provide clean drinking water for 50,000 children in the Philippines, and build ‘fun centers’ for 50,000 children fighting life-threatening illness in the UK.


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