World’s Oldest Cheese Has Been Found In A Tomb In Egypt

World’s Oldest Cheese

The world’s oldest cheese has been found in the tomb of Ptahmesa tomb in Egypt. Ptahmesa was the mayor of Memphis, Egypt, during the 13th century BCE. The tomb was rediscovered in 2010 after being lost under the drifting sand.

The constituting material was a dairy product obtained by mixing sheep or goat and cow milk.

The tomb south of Cairo was originally found in 1885.

The 3,200-year-old cheese might contain a potentially fatal infectious disease called brucellosis.

The disease spreads from animals to people, typically from eating unpasteurized dairy products.

Enrico Greco, the research lead from Italy’s University of Catania said it would taste like modern cheese.

People like to eat it anyway.


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