The Henry B. Smith freighter went down in Lake Superior, Michigan after sailing into the Great Lakes Storm in 1913

Shipwreck hunters found the boat last month in about 535 feet of water off the shore of Marquette.

Jerry Eliason, one of the divers said they were not revealing exactly how his group found the Smith, because he hopes to use the same method to find other wrecks. But he said it wasn’t a case of merely running a grid pattern over the lake in hopes of getting lucky. Eliason said the group used a culmination of hunches, research and data to pinpoint a specific search area.

The data pointed them toward a possible wreck about 30 miles north of Marquette, and the hunters found the Smith just 20 minutes after dropping a sonar unit into the water. An underwater camera captured enough detail in videos and photos to convince the group that they found the Smith.


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