WWII Submarine Found After 77 Years It Disappeared Off Coast of Malta

HMS Urge

Marine archaeologists identified the wreckage of HMS Urge, a Royal Navy submarine that disappeared in the Mediterranean Sea during World War II.

The submarine disappeared during a mission from Malta to Alexandria, Egypt, on April 27, 1942, according to the Royal Navy. Historians think that the submarine was sunk by German and Italian forces that were based in the Malta region from June 1940 to November 1942, Fox News noted.

77 years later, University of Malta marine archaeologists, with the help of Maltese government and Harvey Mudd College robotics students, have discovered the submarine’s wreck off the coast of Malta.

Site pictures show the HMS Urge wreckage, which settled more than 400 feet below the surface. The submarine’s bow is immersed in the ocean floor, its deck gun in facing forward, and its hull is enclosed by marine life.

Thirty-two crew members, 11 naval staff, and a war correspondent were on the HMS Urge when it went down.

Families of HMS Urge members are hoping to raise a memorial on Malta and visit a commemorative service in 2020 to mark the HMS Urge’s rediscovery.

“The powerful image of this seemingly-undaunted wreck reflects the courage of those who sailed in her, as well as the enduring alliance of HMS Urge with the island of Malta,” said professor Timmy Gambin of the University of Malta’s classics and archaeology department. “It will forever be a part of the history of the Royal Navy and Malta.”


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