Xbox Mini Fridge Gets Huge Walmart Discount For Cyber Monday 2022

Xbox Mini Fridge

It hasn’t been a busy day for Cyber Monday 2022 deals so far, but we’ve seen a great offer coming from Walmart over the past couple of hours for an Xbox Mini Fridge – reduced from $99 to just $55!

It’s not made particularly clear — this is for the newer, smaller version of the Xbox Mini Fridge, which has enough space for eight cans along with a snack shelf inside the door, as opposed to the original which had space for 12 cans along with two snack shelves.

“If you thought gaming was cool before, take it to the next level with this Xbox Series X Replica Mini Fridge that provides your gaming area the only thing it’s missing – drinks and snacks without ever hitting pause. ”

“This thermoelectric cooler that’s a scale replica of your favorite Microsoft console holds 8 cans and has space left in the door for some cold pizza rolls. And because this mini fridge uses either AC or DC power, you can bring it with you when you hit the road on your way to crush another team of players in a tournament. #Xboxandchill. Product dimensions: Width 7.3″ Depth 7.3″ Height 14.3″ Volume 4.5L”

We’re a little bit confused by the RRP from Walmart, as this smaller version of the Xbox Mini Fridge was earlier being sold for $79, but the RRP says it’s $99. In any case, $55 is definitely a cool deal if you’re in the market for one!

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