YotaPhone with Dual Display

YotaPhone with Dual Display

Last year YotaPhone launched its first generation of Dual Display smartphone in the market and was good enough to grab some attention from the technology enthusiasts. The device was unable to make some good sales, probably the new genre of the device was the reason. Its been almost 6 months that the company launched the first version of the YotaPhone and it has now showcased the second generation of the YotaPhone.

The second generation of the device looks aesthetically more appealing and has got significant upgrades over its predecessor. The older device came with 720p HD display and Snapdragon 600, the latest YotaPhone will come with 1080p 5-inch display and a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 800 QuadCore processor.

The latest YotaPhone sports an E-ink rear display with full touch capabilities. Although there is not much of the E-ink display right now but in the coming future with more apps compatible with the rear e-ink display will make it more useful to the end users. Right now the rear E-ink display offers very nice viewing angles and that the sunlight readability is the best in this device. Lets wait for the third generation of the this device and may be then things will in the right place for YotaPhone with more apps on this platform.


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