YouTube’s first original TV shows and movies


That’s right, YouTube is taking on the likes of Netflix and Hulu with its own original content.

YouTube Red, a subscription service for $9.99 a month that removes ads but also delivers exclusive content.

Lazer Team

This comedy comes from the creators of the ever popular Red vs. Blue show and follows a bunch of dudes who put on an alien spacesuit.

Scare PewDiePie

You probably know exactly who PewDiePie is (hint: he’s the most popular YouTuber) and now there’s a short show about how they brought games to the real world to try and scare him there instead.

Dance Camp

A movie about a summer camp for dancers. Step Up meets American Pie?

A Trip to Unicorn Island

A documentary that gives you insight into the life of Lilly Singh, a YouTube celebrity on a round the world tour. If you want to know what it’s like to be a famous YouTuber, this is the film for you.

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